Black Vapor Division

MrDrip Chapter 3 ; - ZMBE - 100mL

A Creamy Banana, Pear, Mango MilkShake

It's all about LAYERS !!! 

For those who well know Mr.Drip, you know that our finest touch in our recepies are LAYERS. Its between the Inhale / Exhale, Wattage, OhmResistant where our magic is alive. 

In that one at the inhale you will found a strong taste of a creamy pear with in background a hint of Mango. When it's time to exhale, slowly, the strong taste of the banana milk .... no wait a second.... of the XTREAM CREAMY BANANA MILK is there. 

This Zombie is made for all of you, that want a premium flavors, made by OG vapers. 

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